For the first time, I've had a thorough read of the online definition
of Condorcet voting (just the definition, not all the apologetics).
I've paraphrased it and uploaded a definition in my own words here:
(It's possible I've made a mistake but I don't think so.)

I won't say that I, as yet, fully understand the relative merits of
one system over another (for certain pairs of systems), but I'm
working on it.

In the case of the Conlang flag vote, one flag is winning by a mile
no matter what voting method you choose. Barring a miracle, it is
*very* clear which design is going to win. In fact, with 24 votes
received, over 45% of people have placed the leading flag in first
place! Now, that's a dramatic result however you look at it.

It would be more interesting if it was a closer competition, but it's
not turning out that way.