No, Cebuano does not have uvulars. A q does not an uvular make (or
signify). Neither do Ilonggo nor Akeanon (related languages in the
Bisayan sub group of the Philippine languages) have uvulars. It does
have a glottal stop.

Akeanon /ak'Ganon/ is interesting however because there exists a
voiced velar fricative /G/  where cognates have /l/. Akeanon also has
/dl/ where Tagalog for instance has /r/ (/r/ split to /dl/):

Tagalog: Aklanon
Akeanon: Akeanon

Tagalog: Araw - sun/day
Aklanon: Adlaw - sun/day

The way Akeanon represents this voiced velar fricative is with e.
Which I find interesting/col as there *is* /e/ in Aklanon.

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