On Sep 15, 2004, at 11:58 PM, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> With that, good bye everyone. It was fun for a while, but the best
> things always have an end...
> Christophe Grandsire.


I'm getting sick of all this idiotic arguing and flaming about subjects
that don't really have any place here.  What ever happened to the 'good
all days' when Conlang was a Nice, Friendly Place where People Talked
about Constructed (and other) Languages?!

How many people have threatened, planned, or gone through with jumping
ship in the last month?  3? 4? 5?  more?

Now, i'm NOT going to run away.  And i don't think any one else should
either.  STAY AROUND, have fun, ignore things that have no place here.
Believe me, a number of comments have been made over the 6 year time
i've been on Conlang that've made me want to say "screw you guys, i'm
out" but i've NEVER DONE IT.  Well, not as far as i remember.  I
planned on doing it - Once - but other people convinced me to stick
around, and guess what?  THEY WERE RIGHT.

And i still interact civilly with those people who said those things
that pissed me off.

Now, i have no idea if this has already been said, but i'm saying it,
and i'm not waiting until after i read through my ~350 emails that
built up over Rosh Hashana.

And in flagrant violation of whatever de-facto 'don't bring up
religion/politics' rule may or may not be in effect at the moment, I am
informing you all that we are now in the middle of the Jewish 10 day
period extending from the Day of Judgement to the Day of Atonement, and
we believe that God does not forgive people for their crimes against
each other - only the person you harmed can forgive you.  And a New
Years Day in *anyone's* calendar makes a good day to 'turn over a new

So, everyone involved in off topic inflammatory discussions, i expect
you all to tell each other you're sorry for opening up or extending the
list's stay in the Danger Zone, and kiss and make up.  (actual kissing
not necessary)

-Stephen (Steg)
  "jealousy, selfishness, and being a self-hating human
   can cause early death."
      ~ [4ibbi: j@hoSua3] (rough translation)