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> Subject:      Re: The (necessarily anti-American,              it seems) French
>               guy salutes  you and leaves

> But one thing puzzles me on forums or discussion
> lists, it is the idea that everybody should always
> remain very neutral and even in mind, and show
> absolutely no emotions or anything of the sort at any
> moment. The highest possible sign of emotion should be
> an emoticon like ;-) or :-(( . This I find not very
> reasonable. After all, we are supposed to be people,
> no robots or programs. It's a good thing to shout a
> little from time to time.

The point is, is that if you want to discuss politics, religion, your
anti-whaeverism, this is not the place to do it. No one says you can't
have any emotion or opinion but if it doesn't relate to the list, dont
bring it here. If you want to shout, go to an appropriate forum to
shout about your issue. This list is for *constructed languages*.
Let's keep it on topic.

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