On Sep 19, 2004, at 6:21 PM, Chris Bates wrote:
>> Noam Chomsky's first name is generally pronounced /no:m/, right?  (as
>> opposed to other "Noam"s where the /a/ is pronounced).
>> So i was wondering, do any of his ideological/theory-disagreeing
>> opponents call him "the Gnome" /no:m/ as an insult? ;-)

> This wouldn't work in my dialect of english. :(( Well.... not if his
> surname is /no:m/ regardless of dialect... I have a diphthong in Gnome.
> Just thought I'd start YAEPT. :p lol.

Whell, (what the heck whas that? :P  eeeep i'm being invaded by Hs...)
cough cough let me start again.

Well, whatever your "long O" vowel is, whether it's /o:/ or /ow/ or
/Ow/ or /@w/ or /Ew/ or who knows what... you pronounce "Noam" (=Nome,
similar to Roam, Rome, Bone, Phone...) differently than "gnome"?  How

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