<sensitive stuff>

Hate to continue a possible soon-to-be flamewar, but I need to say a few

Ray írta: "We've just had one (IMO valued) member of the list leave because
of the activities of over-zealous pro-Americans both on and off the list.
Now we are treated to the rantings of an equally over-zealous anti-American.
If this continues then it will inevitably lead to flames and more people
leaving (Indeed, if Rodlox decides to leave now, quite frankly, I would not
blame him; but I do think it a loss if people who join the list with an
interest in language construction are put off in this way)."

You call Chris "anti-American"?

Roger is American and we have discussed offlist some things that you might
consider "anti-American" for discussing. From this, I conclude that I would
not be surprised if Roger agrees with Chris... As I do.

He is not "anti-American". He is revealing some nasty facts about the
American government. We have talked offlist and he is not the type like

He is just "anti-American government", as I am. I have no problem with
America-- I just have problems with many of the things its government has
done (which is state terrorism; and helping Europe after WWII is not one of
those things I disagree with in any way!), as do many people in the third

Now I'll shut up and anyone can call me "anti-American" all they want, I
don't care...

Be warned: I will seriously consider leaving if what happened to Christophe
happens to me (not that I would be missed too much, after all I'm just an
anarchist newbie-at-conlanging).

</sensitive stuff>

If anyone else leaves, I suggest the ZBB-- .
There's a "Other" forum, so if anyone wants, this discussion can be
continued there...

A good day to you all,