J÷rg Ýrta: "This is not the right place for hateful politicking."


To be honest, I thought we were better than that.

Chris is right, and if you don't like the truth, well, you don't have to.
But it's still there, and truth will always win, as someone famous said.
Writing Chris's opinions off as "hateful", not even considering them, is
so... arrogant... I feel like throwing up. It is so childish--
A (victim): B stole my wallet!
B (the thief of the wallet): No, I didn't!!
C (possibly a friend of B, but not necessarily): A just hates B-- A wants to
get B in trouble-- that's why A is making up these stories.

Anyone can call me a "flame-creator" or "a friend of Usama Bin Ladin" all
they want, I don't care...

ObConlang: How do your languages express the equivalent of "flaming"? Is
there a cultural equivalent, f'rex?