--- Adrian Morgan skrzypszy:

> In the case of the Conlang flag vote, one flag is winning by a mile
> no matter what voting method you choose. Barring a miracle, it is
> *very* clear which design is going to win.

I can't wait to see the results!

> In fact, with 24 votes received, over 45% of people have placed the

> leading flag in first place! Now, that's a dramatic result however
> you look at it.

If I remember correctly, Peter Clark's (where has he gone?) Weekly
Polls usually had something between twenty and fourty respondents. So
I doubt if the total voter turnout will be much higher than that.

> It would be more interesting if it was a closer competition, but
> it's not turning out that way.

Well, it means at least that we agree for a change! :) It would have
been a lot harder if eight completely different flags would have
gained approximately the same amount of support. In that case we
would probably end up with no flag at all!


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