Ray wrote:
> But 'George' is one of the Prince of Wales's names! Many people had been
> hoping he would choose one of his other names, 'Arthur' (which BTW, unlike
> either Charles or George, is spelled the same in Welsh as in English).

So, if he were to adopt Arthur as his regnal name, would he
be called "King Arthur II"? For that matter, what status do
any of the preconquest kings have?  A few of the very early
names are still in use:


I've met people named 'Owen' (the king of which name r. 410-425 AD),
for example.  (Not that a modern monarch is likely to have such a
name.) Heck, if Sargon II of Assyria (r. 722-705 BC) can be called
thus because of Sargon I the Great of Akkad (r. 2371-2315 BC), I
suppose anything can happen.

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