Since Nik asked on conculture if Montreiano had a page, and I said it
didn't I've begun making a page for it. It will include both culture
and language. I've tried to keep it simple, yet stylish (and before
anyone asks, yes I have a bit of formatting to do, as on the text area
it runs right into the end of the table. I just caught some errata

Here's the link:

Only the link to "language" works. The "culture" page isn't even
conceived of yet.

The images you see are all taken locally in Monterey (the image on the
main page is from Lover's point... it's a Canary Island Date Palm
(Phoenix canariensis) growing right at the seashore in Pacific Grove
(next to Monterey, but in IB would be a part of Montréi.)

NOTE: The links at the bottom are flash text links, so let me know if
anyone has problems with it... i'll change those to linked images

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