On Sunday 19 September 2004 08:50, Steg Belsky wrote:

 > I remember people did that a while ago... they made a
 > #conlang channel over on... Dalnet, i think it was.  As
 > far as i know, it's been defunct for a few years.

On the ZBB, someone made a channel called #almea, I just
don't know the server offhand. In any case, it's *not*
freedomirc anymore (IIRC), because there, two people of us
have been banned from this server forever, without
committing "crime". Even Freedomirc said this may happen
and is a bug in the software!

Yay, in any case a #conlang channel would be a great idea.
Hm... if this would reduce the offtopic discussions and
flamewars here?



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