Steg Belsky scripsit:

> What're the etymologies, then?  I thought the Bronx is named after the
> Bronx River, a singular noun.

Yes, "the Bronx" is short for "the Annexed District of the Bronx [River]".
But if you dig down behind that, you find that the Bronx River is named
for the family that held land on it in colonial times: the Broncks.

> No idea about Yonkers though, but then
> again i don't think i've ever been there.

It's the land of the Jonkheer (Dutch for "nobleman"), and it was
"the Yonkers" formerly.  Same basic story.  Here the -s is
possessive rather than plural, but that's a detail.

At any rate, it's definitely "The Bronx is part of New York City,
but Yonkers is a separate city", with "is" in both cases.

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