Does any one know how mutually comprehensible
Castillian and Gallego are? My father's business
partner is from the Northwestern corner of Spain and
speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Gallego and English. While
at work the other day, I over heard him speaking to
one of our field foremen (I'm an accountant for the
moment at my dad's contracting firm).

He said something like:
   manana    si  's    que   llueve
   tomorrow  if  [is?] that  rains
   /manjana sis ke jweve/
 (sorry no tilde's)

"Tomorrow if it is that it rains"

or in Castilian:
   manana si llueve "tomorrow if it rains".

I asked him about it and he said that it's his variety
of Spanish with some Gallego thrown in.

Today he was speaking over the phone and he said:

  que   pienses     sobre eso
  what  you think   over  this
"what do you think about this"

Where I'd say:  que pienses de eso

I told him jokingly that I'm collecting his phrases so
that I'll learn his dialect.

Anyways, how different is Gallego from Spanish, if
anyone knows?


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