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> Do any natlangs (or conlangs, for that matter) have voiceless nasals or
> liquids?
> Trebor
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Icelandic does:

_hné_ [n_0jE:] "knee"
_hlaeja_ ['Kaija] "laugh"
_hringur_ [r_0iNgYr] "ring"

Then there is the famous Welsh _ll_ which is the voiceless
lateral fricative.

Tibetan also has the voiceless lateral fricative,
e.g. in the word _Hlasa_ "place of the gods",
but what is transliterated _hr_ unfortunately is
a simple voiceless retroflex sibilant [s`]!
I've read that some Tibetan dialects have voiceless
nasals as well.

IIRC voiceless nasals are quite widespread in SE Asia.