"Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon)" <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> Henrik Theiling wrote, quoting myself:
> ...
> >   Der          hat der          den          schon   gegeben.
> >   The-m-sg-NOM has the-f-sg-DAT the-m-sg-ACC already given
> >   He           has to-her       him          already given
> >  'He has already given it to her.'
> That is interesting, thanks. Although I notice that the second 'der'
> should be 'die', as it's feminine. :-)

No, 'der' is correct.  The dative singular of 'die' is 'der'.  A bit
confusing, I assume.  Therefore, a table:  pl.
  NOM  der    das    die    die
  ACC  den    das    die    die
  DAT  dem    dem    der    den
  GEN  des    des    der    der

> (Neubrunn), and I visited them in February 2000. So I've seen a bit
> of this particular part of the German countryside. I've also been to
> Frankfurt.

I'm about 250km from there, in Saarbrücken. :-)

> > Why would you not simply swap it?  Like 'the sword's her'?  Maybe
> >
> >       cynt-ryn
> > or    ren cynt ryn
> I think you meant to say _cynt-ren_ or _ryn cynt ren_. It's the sword
> that has the inanimate gender.

Hmm, I meant 'ryn' for 'she', but probably I did not understand the
grammar correctly... :-)

> but Gzarondan is a little more strict about the hierarchy of
> possession...

Ah, ok.  I think that explains it.