Dear TEI editors, and the TEI mailing list,

Please find below a proposal for a TEI SIG. If the porposal is
accepted, we hope to be able to have at least a short initial meeting
in Baltimore, as both the proposers will be present.

                         Proposed TEI SIG: Ontologies

   Proposed by: The Unit for Digital Documentation, University of Oslo.
   The work is planned to be done i co-operation with the EPOCH NoE
   ( Contact persons: Christian-Emil Ore and
   Řyvind Eide. E-mail: [log in to unmask]


   In May and June this year, there was a discussion on the TEI mailing
   list about prosopographical tags. This lead to a suggestion that
   detailed information about persons (physical and legal), dates,
   events, places, objects etc. and their interpretation could be marked
   up outside the text, and that this could be connected in on-going
   ontology work being done e.g. in the Museum community, such as the
   Conceptual Reference Model (CRM).


   The proposer is already planning practical work on connecting CRM
   conformant information to TEI documents. We hope other interested
   members would participate in a discussion on this. Furthermore, we
   hope that other members will do similar work on different texts, also
   using other ontology systems than the CRM.


   The SIG will run a mailing list where these questions (and others)
   will be discussed. Results from the work being done on the work of
   connecting CRM conformant information to TEI will be reported to the

   The SIG will have a first meeting in Baltimore. After that, meetings
   will be at the TEI meeting and, when appropriate, connected to other


/ Kind regards,
/ Řyvind Eide, Unit for Digital Documentation, University of Oslo
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