Andreas Johansson scripsit:

> Given that _virii_ apparently is meant to be a pl of _virus_ (which in Latin
> pluralizes as _vira_), I suspect Jeffrey supposedly wrote wrong forms,
> suggesting he intends to use that in the conlang too.

In fact, _virus_ 'slime, poison, stench' is a mass noun not recorded in
the plural.  It's generally thought to have been a 2nd-declension neuter
with the irregular ending -us, but the evidence is equivocal.

> Anyway, I thought it should be _octopodes_?

Indeed.  And _rhinocerotes_, too.  But in English it's viruses, octupuses,
and rhinoceroses (or just rhinos).

But I took the original examples like "virii" to be about *misapplied*
foreign plural endings; other such words would be "agendae" and "hoodla".

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