Christian Thalmann <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> --- In [log in to unmask], "Pascal A. Kramm" <pkramm@A...> wrote:
> > Strange? It's a normal Langenscheidt dictionary. It also includes
> the Ipa
> > pronunciation at the beginning.
> Aren't the Langenscheidts made for Germans who learn other
> languages?  I doubt they would invest much effort in the
> notation of German pronunciation.

Furthermore, the Langenscheid Englisch-Deutsch-Deutsch-Englisch
dictionary I just checked, which indeed includes the pronunciation for
that word, shows ['Erg@r] as we both suggested.

(The wrong thing with that is the usage of [] instead of //, since
that's the phoneme string.  The realisation of that is ['?E6g6].)

HE must have a different one then.  Or maybe he simply does not
remember correctly?  Or he printed or 'corrected' it himself?  :-))))

How old is he, anyway, this is a quite childish and green attitude.


PS: Shoot, I posted another comment...