On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 01:30:33 +0200, Henrik Theiling <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> It is yet unclear how da Wial suin Basa has exactly emerged, since
> only one text has yet been recovered.  The scientists are currently
> trying to find more texts and, more importantly, their sources.
> Probably time-machines are involved, since it seems to be a descendant
> of modern High German although modern High German is now!?

I take it that the discovered text used Latin script?

If not, I find the capitalisation conventions in the reconstructed
spellings rather... quaint.

Which reminds me: is there *any* other language in the entire world
that both (a) uses capitalisation for the first letter of some words
*and* (b) capitalises all nouns? As far as I know, German is the only
language that does so. (I believe Danish used to do so until an
orthographics reform - around the middle of the 20th centure IIRC. I
haven't heard of any other language.)

Hence, the capitalisation of da Wial suin Basa immediately struck me.

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