Henrik Theiling <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> BP Jonsson <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> ...
> > Not Faroese.  It has replaced */T/ with /t/, and in a very few cases
> > with /h/!  This inspired me to the wholesale replacement of */T/
> > by /h/ in my Vínlenzka.
> Really?  That's interesting, I thought it had only replaced /D/ with
> /T/.  I have to check my source for that (a small book I have about
> the Scandinavian languages).

I found that book again, and found out that I was totally wrong about
the pronunciation of Faroese.  The book is in line with what you say.

I read a bit more and liked some of the other shifts as well.  There
seems to be a newer notion of length that splits the Old Norse long
and short vowels into long and short again. :-)

Old Norse=ON:

ON /a:/ > far. [Oa] (long) or [O] (short)
ON /a/  > far. [Ea] (long) or [a] (short)
ON /o:/ > far. [Ou] (long) or [9] (short)

Also, |i'| (i acute) seems to be pronounced [UY]. :-)

Whether it's irregular or not, I don't know, but pronouncing
|allar oyggjarnar| as ['9dlUn 'ODZUnUn] is at least innovative. :-)