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>I'd say it is a labiodental affricate, and that's also what Henrik has
>described. As I understand it, a labiodental closure means that the lower
>lip touches the upper lip, e.g. in the labiodental nasal /F/ in |emphatic|.
>BTW, is there any language that has a labiodental nasal not only before [f, v]?

Can't think of any right now...

>>Do your upper teeth touch you lower lip when producing a simple [p]?
>I'd be very surprised if so. (Though I'd be less surprised if such a
>pronunciation were found in some place in North-Rhine Westphalia.) In that
>respect, there's no difference between German /p/ and English /p/.

Nope, no such thing here, just common [pf]. Word-initially, it's just [f].

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