First of all, this is not a translation exercise, unless you want it
to be, and I'm not an evil heartless bastard unless that's what you
prefer. However, I do want to mention something on the grounds that it
should interest people who think that language is fun.

I certainly had fun over on afp recently, having first asked people to
submit their favourite English words and then composing a paragraph
containing more or less all submitted words in as brief a space as
possible. In hindsight, I should have stipulated a limit of three
words per person, as some people submitted several words each, but
never mind that. I submitted two of the words myself.

The submitted words that I incorporated were:

{ambulatory, bingo, bitch, cumulonimbus, desorb, deuteragonist,
discombobulate, eponymous, flagrant, flange, forthwith, fortnight,
gallimaufrey, guttersnipe, heuristic, hitherto, humungous, integrity,
interlocutor, legacy, macaronic, marmalade, nontrivial, ostentatious,
perambulate, pleonasm, plinth, pontificate, purr, raspberry, rotifer,
somnambulism, utensil}

The paragraph I composed was:

"Neither humour nor integrity nor inclination to be ostentatious shall
ever be desorbed from afp, nor shall we cease to welcome every
well-meaning guttersnipe and bitch (and, indeed, rotifer) although we
may discombobulate through pleonasm and through posts that are
occasionally macaronic. This is an eponymous group with a gallimaufrey
of posters, where no pontificating interlocutor can claim to be its
deuteragonist except in flagrant deception (punishable by means of a
flanged utensil), and we do not depend upon somnambulism to remain
ambulatory, nor do we purr only below cumulonimbus clouds. Can you
predict our legacy? Shall it be a statue set upon a golden plinth,
marked upon every map, to which a thousand tourists shall henceforth
perambulate each fortnight? No? Bugger! Shall it be humungous
mountains of marmalade and raspberry jam, the like of which has not
hitherto existed? Bingo! Predicting the quality of jam by a reliable
heuristic shall cease forthwith to be nontrivial."

Keyword density: 22.4% (35 out of 156)

Just thought the exercise would be of interest.