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> > Quoting "Pascal A. Kramm" <pkramm@A...>:
> > While 'ai' is rarish in MHG, it's a diphthong in every instance I
> can think of.
> > Any counterexamples?
> Kokain...  but then, Protein isn't one either.
> Anyway, the point is that /aI/ is a phonemic diphthong in
> German, whatever you like to spell it.  Since S9 is not
> German, its spelling can afford to deviate from the
> tradition.  As for /oI/, there seems to be a /uI/ diphthong
> in its place now.

Yes! :-)  Exactly so.

And the motivation is: I wanted to have it sound a bit like
Plattdeutsch of the region I originally come from.  It is quite rich
of diphthongs and I like them a lot.  Especially /uI/, /iU/ and /Eo/.
I'm not too fond of /OI/,/OY/ (or maybe /oI/), so it shifted to /uI/
in S9.

(There is also a dialect with the triphthong [y26] in |krn| /ky26n/
'to talk'. My grandma's dialect uses two syllables: |kuiern| ['kuIj6n])