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> Andreas Johansson wrote:
> > 9 nine vowel phonemes in the standard? Assuming vowel length not to be
> phonemic,
> > I count ten; /i y e 2 E a 8 o u au/. I guess you wouldn't recognize /au/?
> No I wouldn't.


> And what's more it's /a8/ for some people.

Well, that's debatable!

On the monophonemic analysis, both [a8] and [au] (I have the later) realize the
same sound. If it's diphonemic, yes, there might be a difference.

> If it existed in more than a handful foreign words I might
> consider it monophonemic, with hesitation.

It's a bit marginal, certainly. I have trouble finding a diphonemic
interpretation that doesn't feel perverse, tho. If it's /a/+/u/, _praos_ and
_paus_ should rhyme; if /a/+/8/, _AUs_ and _paus_ should; at least for me,
neither pair does.

You could of course argue it's phonemic in my idiolect, but not in the Standard.

> I have /e8/ too, BTW.

For 'eu', I guess? In most words I have [Ev] for that; exceptions include [e] in
_Europa_ (alternative interpretation; the 'u' is silent) and disyllabic [e.u\]
(/e.8/) in _Eurasien - to complete the insanity, _euro_ is [Evr\`U]. It's never
diphthongal tho, unless you want to count oddities like _Creutz_ /kr2jts/.