OT, I know. But I know here are some Linux users, so I
hope you can help me. Please do not double-answer things as
this unnecessarily increases the OT quota!

Does anyone of you know how I can turn my computer into
standby with Fedora 2? It's quite nerving when my computer
murmurs [1] in the background while I'm working. There are
situations where you cannot entirely shutdown the computer,
also especially because my comp needs about 3 minutes to
fire up Linux, so shutting it on and off all the time would
be pretty nerving as well. However, under Windows 98SE, the
computer is able to be set to standby. When I hit the power
switch, the computer is simply switched off and thinks it
would have crashed, so this does not work as well.

And, where can I find Java? It was neither preinstalled nor
have I found it yet as a package on one of the installation

Carsten Becker

[1] dict. entry for "rauschen": roar, murmur, rustle, hiss

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