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> The Senyecan kinship system is pretty simple.  If anyone can discern
> which of the 6 it is, I'd appreciate knowing it.
> First of all, it doesn't matter whether the ego is male or female.
> Previous generations:
> áman - mother
> ápan - father
> amáman - maternal grandmother
> amápan - maternal grandfather
> apáman - paternal grandmother
> apápan - paternal grandfather

These remind me at Swedish _mormor_, _morfar_, _farmor_, _farfar_.

> [stuff snipped]

Thanks for sharing this with us!  Regarding my own conlang Old Albic,
I don't have yet worked out the kinship system in detail.
All I have for now are these terms:

atto `father'
amme `mother'
hena `child'
miro `son'
rile `daughter'

and the Swedish-style compounds

attatto `paternal grandfather'
attamme `paternal grandmother'
ammatto `maternal grandfather'
ammamme `maternal grandmother'