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> Has any of the group worked with colors in his conlang or
> conculture?  There is a color system in Senyecan.  6 is a mystical
> number in the culture & there are a lot of groups of & multiples of
> There are 6 basic colors:
> red,     orange,  yellow, green,  blue,    purple.
> rúúdhin, véélrin, bádjin, dhálin, módhrin, víswin.

>Are the Senyecan human or no? For humans, the trend seems to be, if
>you have 6 colors, they will be:

>White, black, red, green, yellow, blue.

>These are of course the base roots.

Humans are one of the 6 peoples who spoke Senyecan originally.  The
colors are those of the rainbow.  I know about roygbiv, but I
consider blue & indigo to be shades of the same color.  White, as the
presence of all the colors, is the color of the divine.  Black, as
the absence of all color, is the color of the Evil One.

Indigo is probably caalmódhrin.

Incidentally, the language is known as Senyecan.  One who speaks the
language is called a senyécun (pl. sènyecúni).  Senyécun denotes
anyone who speaks Senyecan, irrespective of his nationality, culture,
or race.