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> P.S. What is this "trigger" that everyone is talking about?  I
> haven't been able to get the meaning from the messages.

Others will be able to describe it better than I, but I have a rough
notion, based purely on osmosis from the list.

Imagine a language with one particular case marker, which can have a
variety of meanings (sometimes Dative, sometimes Accusative, and so on).

Then, there are a class of verb affixes, which define for a given sentence
which meaning that case marker has "right now".

That, as I understand it, is the essence of triggerism, though I suspect
some would take umbrage at the term "case".

> P.P.S.  What is the quota?

There is a 100 messages per day limit on the list. If it is reached, no
more messages may be sent until John (or I guess David) "unlocks" the
list. Posts beyond the 100 limit are stored on the server, and are
released when the list is unlocked.

There is also a 5 messages per day per person limit. When that is reached,
your messages are *not* stored on the server, but are returned to you. The
5 message personal quota does not need to be manually unlocked, as it
automatically unlocks at midnight.

Both of these quotas are in place to try to keep the list volume down to a
manageable amount, and also to discourage lengthy off-topic discursions.

> And a rambling: It sure would be nice if there were a "save" function
> that could be used before sending!  Hit the wrong key before sending
> & the message is gone & must be retyped.

If you don't like your email program, get a new one. There are myriad
alternatives. Personally, I use M2, the mail client that is part of the
Opera web browser which was chosen because of
Opera's (a) strict standards compliance, and (b) excellent Unicode
support. Of course, when I switched to Linux, I found that Unicode support
hobbled somewhat by the poor font handling of the Linux GUI, but on
Windows it really is far and away the best.