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> > Alternatively, I could do away with /h/ (but how
> many natural
> > languages don't have /h/ ?)
> French, Greek and Russian come to mind; they don't
> have [h] at all.

I'm not so sure for French. I'm thinking for ex about
interjections, like: hé! ho ! hep ! Perhaps the h is
not strong, but it seems to exist, at least for some
speakers. And Alsacians will probably pronounce the h
too, in words like "hareng" - and yet they are French
(until next German invasion, of course).

Ancient Greek had apparently an h, since it was
written above the initial vowel (we call this an
'esprit rude' in French). Ex: the article 'ho' (the,
masc.), written o with this sign on it.

Philippe Caquant

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