Please tell me if anything has the possibility of
being dysfuntional within the addendum.

Will contain characters:  (a-grave)  (a-acute) 
(a-circumflex)  (i-grave)  (i-acute) 
(i-circumflex)  (o-grave)  (o-acute) 

Restructured case system: (Shall be all in
orthographic annotation)(^ signifies hachek)

Nom: -oc
Voc: -th
Acc: -c
Dat: -c
Inst: -o^th
Gen: -th
Loc: -ac
Ben: -c
Com: -th
Ela: -th
Ill: -ic
Abl: -th
All: -c

To show plurality, change th to s, and c to f.

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