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>Hi, Jeffrey... I love "pig" for "buttock,"

I liked it too -- pronounced /peeg/.  But it's become /galuta/ in the
unnamed eclectic stepchild of Dublex I'm working on these days (and /pigu/
is "pig" at the moment, though that will probably change).

>and you may have noticed that I borrowed your word for "egg" ("vov");
>the Teonaht word is "dendr," but the Teonim consider vov so evocative.

Yes, that's great!  I'm glad you liked it.  It was a pictograph to me as well:

vOv - an egg in a bird's nest

It's /ba/ at the moment, from Syriac _bee`a_.

>Is this permissible?

Since I've placed Dublex in the public domain, anyone can use any of its
materials for their own purposes.

As for my other languages, I'm always happy to see words and features
borrowed from them -- with attribution, of course.

>I'll put a note in "borrowed from Dublex";

Sikere!  ("Thanks", from Hindi and Arabic /sh*k*r/ forms)

>Thanks for Rick Harrison's list.

You're welcome.