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>Jeffrey Henning wrote:
>> vOv - an egg in a bird's nest
>> It's /ba/ at the moment, from Syriac _bee`a_.
>Just keep in mind: Syriac is not typical in its consonants. `ayin here
>stands for a lost emphatic sound. Cf to Hebrew _beitza_ and Mn Standard
>Arabic _bayd.un_ (where |d.| is appr. [d_?\]). Proto-Semitic recontructions
>may be smth like *bajK\_>U

You lost me. How would you Romanize the Syriac word?

Here's the only other Syriac contributions I have at the moment:

kelaba [Arabic <i>kalb</i>, Hebrew <i>keleb</i>, Syriac <i>kleb</i>,
Tigrigna <i>k?lbi</i>.]  dog

semase [Hebrew <i>shemesh</i>, Syriac <i>shmesh</i>.]  sun

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