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> I'm glad that you enjoyed some aspects, even though
> the overall asthetic wasn't to your liking :)

It's not that I don't like the aesthetics (I do, to a
certain degree); IMHO it's just not very imaginative...
Countless Tolkien fans have done the same.  I guess
all conlangs have parts plagiarized from real languages
(just think of all the romlangs! mine included...); the
spelling is just a particularly conspicuous thing to
borrow.  Maybe it's just that I particularly like making
up typographical flavor for a conlang.  ;-)

> Examples:
>  Nindic: ceil "stream"      New York English: "kill"
>  Nindic: ffaer "flame"      English "Fire"
>  Hinession (Caer Aldun Standard): fot "foot"
>                                 : feit "feet"

Coool, that's exactly the kind of thing I intend to do
with Hairo...  give etymologies for Germanic words whose
current etymology is unsatisfactory.  For example, I was
going to have a word |brand| "metal", "weapon" or maybe
even "sword" that would explain the usage of the word in
poetic English.  I chickened out and made |brand| mean
"man", though.  It's about time I changed that.

-- Christian Thalmann