// I've always loved "HAIL, QUEEN OF HEAVEN, THE OCEAN STAR" since I visited a
Cistercian monastery in Jan, 1987 and sung it for the first time.  Now that
I'm semi-officially an agnostic, I find myself both an agnostic and a Marian,

// And my Lakhabrech and Rakhebuityan and Nu Ineya Khara-Ansha are matriarchal
human subspecies, so I'm thinking they will find matters of interest in the
Catholic and Orthodox Churches' rich Marian traditions.

// I think I'll translate that Marian hymn into Li' Anyerra-Tarah, the Local
Coast Language, just to extend what little I know of it.  ;)


Eia  li' Ebaru'efe'an un Uriawa     , eia  li' Dafu u     Ngafe
Hail The Midwife      of Heaven/sky , hail the star of the Waters

Eia li' maita'efe'an eme li' tref'an un  io'a netu'o
Hail    Guide        for the wanderer of here now

Nawor a aien u  ngaura u  haroia  di  eian duweo eme li' ebaian
dying   we   of storms of life   and  we   plead for     aid/care

Lu harao eian itu  betri walu   itu  na'oro
Save     us   from ill   chance from woe.

Eia li' Ebaru u Khristos, eia li' Dafu u Ngafe
Hail    Mother of Christ,        Star of the Sea,

Lu anka'i eme li' tref'an, lu ankha'i eme en.
Pray      for the wanderer,   pray    for me.

Eia tua, eia mai'et, eia puraua, eia irobetri,
O  maid, o   gentle, o   chaste, o    sinless,

Li' Ti'awai aaf  po'i epe  itu  betri,
The God     made you  free from evil,

Lu duweo namu ufai u  po'i, iam u te li' aaf aien epe  itu  betri,
Plead    with  son of  you, because  he  made us  free from  evil,

Eia tua, eia irobetri, eia li' Dafu u  Ngafe,
O maid,  o    sinless, o   the Star of Sea,

Lu ankha'i eme li' betri'an, lu ankha'i eme en.
Pray       for the   sinner, pray       for me.

Di  aien ankha'i eme li', li' Tu'awai li' aangau        li' u  Uriawa
And we   prey    to  him, The God     he  makes storms he  of the heavens/sky

Li' Tu'awai li' saba  utru uano, li' wangafe  u  haroia u  epetau u  aiat,
The God     the three as   one,  the fountain of life   of grace  of love,

Nan a aien pado  di  aien aaf  ankha u  aiat         eme li'.
Sit   we   knees and we   make song  of love/respect to  him.

Eia li' Ebaru li' Ebaru'efe'an, li' Dafu u  Ngafe,
O     Mother     Queen/Midwife, the Star of the sea,

Lu ankha'i eme li' miafai     u po'i, lu ankha'i eme en.
Pray       for the  children of  you, pray       for me.

Disclaimer - No angels have been harmed in the production of this translation.

Wesley Parish
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Clinersterton beademung - in all of love.  RIP James Blish
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Mau e ki, "He aha te mea nui?"
You ask, "What is the most important thing?"
Maku e ki, "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata."
I reply, "It is people, it is people, it is people."