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> Cristina Escalante wrote:
> > Well, I'm not a parent (I'm being parented), but the policy in our home
> > is, always was and will be : NO VIDEO GAMES. As for Nintendo(and the
> > like): We don't have the playing apparatus; we don't have the hand held
> > controllers, . Nothing. It has worked quite well, in my opinion. Gets
> > the kids either reading or outside playing.
> That is the policy in our home too. Until now it works quite well. The boy
> has enough of that stuff at computer classes in the kindergarten twice a
> week.
> -- Isaac

Easy when you set the rule before they get a game system :).

I'm a big fan of limits. It does work. You just have to follow through
with what you say.

 I think at least here in the US, the problem is, too many parents
want to be their kids' friend and end up having no control over them.
Or they don't want to "hurt their self esteem" or have their kid "hate
them". I remember as a kid going out and playing hide and seek in the
neighborhood, or up to the local school to play on the playground,
making reservoirs in our sandy soil and flooding little villages with
a dam break). Or simply just hanging out with friends at someone's
house. I never see that with kids these days as they're all shut up in
their houses playing their Playstations and X-Boxes.

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