Kat Trebor Jung:

> Danny írta: "[What] causes the development of word- or syllable-final
> nasals
> in these situations, and why no initial cases? Unless it happens because
> of
> a loss of /g/ or /k/ after /n/ or /m/, it seems like a weakening of the
> final nasal.
> Hmm. I think maybe you're right... [Ng] > [N].
> "And why is Japanese (unassimilated) syllable-final /N/ uvular?"
> Maybe a fossil of Japanese links to Eskimo-Aleut or something? ;)

Yeah, emphasis on the wink... I don't even think the uvular nasal was one of
the phonemes of Proto-Inuit. Just *q and *R.

> BTW: Welcome back, Danny! You've been missed! :))

Tlakt (thanks!), I had to go nomail for a while because I've just been busy
with moving, my own music and natlang studies, and other personal matters.
I'm still laying low really, and Tech may never get finished at this rate.