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>Well, I can tell you that from what I know, a language would either
>call it noun + coloured, or it would classify it as a color close to
>one of the colors the language already has. I don't have my book
>handy, but one of my books has an example in Tagalog of "fry the fish
>until red (golden brown)", as red is close enough to "golden brown".

>Here's some of the colors:

Sometimes you mention the Spanish origin & sometimes you don't.  It
appears to me that the following are also of Spanish origin:

blue: asul ; asúl
brown: kape ; kapé
brown: tsokolate ; tsokoláte
green: berde ; bérde
lavender: lila ; líla
violet: lila ; líla
violet: biyoleta ; biyoléta
yellow: amarilyo ; amarílyo

This last is interesting in that it appears to have kept the
Castilian palatized "l" and not fricative "y" sound.