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>   "land, country", gwn- [gwn] as in _gwneud_ [gwn@jd] "to make, to
do" and

Is |eu| always [@j], or only after labialization?  I would
have expected [ej]...

> (a) CLEAR
> This is exactly the same as Welsh |u|, that is a high central unrounded
> vowel in the north nnd exactly like |i| in the south.

Then a spelin reeform replacing all clear |y| with |u| is
practically inevitable.  =P  Would it hurt to write |dyn|
as |dun|?

Speaking of spelin reeforms...  I just had a deeper look
at that Irish Gaelic Kauderwelsch booklet...  argh!
Irish never fails to give me a headache!   =\

-- Christian Thalmann