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>"Stative" and "dynamic" are aspects of verbs.

>>Not in the conventional sense of the word their [sic] not.

I was not speaking in the conventional sense, whatever that may
mean.  I was speaking in the linguistic sense.  I am not a
professionaly trained linguist, but do have substantial background in
the field.  I rely on the professionals to help me with definitions.
David Crystal in "A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics" (p. 326)
writes this about stative: "A term used in grammatical classification
referring to one of two main aspectual categories of verb use, the
other being dynamic."

I do understand that there are different schools of linguists and
that they may disagree on the meaning and the use of terms.

Perhaps, in the future, I should quote my sources so as to have some
credibility when I try to answer a question in the group.  No one
else seems to have to do that, though.