Since Steen hasn't replied yet (at least, not in this thread), I'll
give it a shot.

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 18:17:58 -0500, Pascal A. Kramm <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
[about Jan van Steenbergen]
> So where do you come from? You have a Dutch name,

and AFAIK he's Dutch.

> a British email address,

I don't know why this is. Possibly because allows you to
forward email, whereas, say, does not allow this for free
accounts (you have to use their webmail interface).

> a French website

Because Christophe Grandsire, who is French (but living in the
Netherlands IIRC) has an account a and could give out
subdomains to friends, including Steen.

> and an indeciphrable consonant cluster as introduction line...

The two 'y's in 'skrzypszy' are vowels; the word is a Wenedyk form of
Latin 'scripsit', I believe. (Wenedyk being, very roughly speaking,
Latin with Polish phonology, and one of Steen's conlangs.)

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