While looking over the IPA-CXS chart, I noticed
that there seem to be no symbols for a bilabial
lateral fricative. This got to me to thinking: what else
would you call a sound produced by pressing the
lips firmly together and letting the air escape only
at one side (corner?) of the mouth. It's bilabial,
it sure seems like a fricative, and it's lateral!
    I can produce it either on the right side, the
left side, or both sides at once (a bilateral bilabial
fricative? :-)   ).

    And, for that matter, what is the following sound
called: lips firmly pressed together; air forced out,
producing the "buzz" that "powers" brass instuments
such as the trumpet or trombone.
    Would you call it a bilabial trill? I have always
understood that "bilabial trill" refers to the lips being
held more laxly so that they flap freely (yes, I will also
admit to looking in mirrors and watching myself do
wierd conlang-related things! ;-)    ). Would it be the difference
between a "lax bilabial trill" and a "tense bilabial trill"?
    And anyhow, what about the lateral version of  _this_?
I can hold my lips firmly pressed together and force air
out the center (standard trumpet-playing procedure).
I can also force air only out the right side of the lips
(standard ceremonial placement, as I understand it,
for blowing a shofar, [or ram's horn]). I have done it
this way. For that matter, I can also force the air out
only on the left side of my lips. (Same "buzz", other side).
    How would one classify these sounds?
Right (Left, Center) tense bilabial trills? And what about
a "buzz" produced simultaneously out both sides of the
lips, with the center being held firmly in place?
Bilateral tense bilabial trills?

    You are a conlanger if you bring up topics like
this for conversation!  ;-)

Dan Sulani
likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a.

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