Those YKYACI's are quite amusing. But I was appalled to discovered I
didn't know this term "LEGRATEC," so I Googled about and discovered
its coolness. :)

Joining the old
list of people's Legratec ratings, here are mine:

- Sarenshille:  L1 G1 T0 C0 P1 S1 (4/30)
  - Asha'ille: L3 G3 T2 C4 P4 S4 (20/30)
  - Gharchove:  L1 G1 T0 C2 P1 S0 (5/30)
- Dehalaizen:  L0 G0 T0 C1 P4 S0 (5/30)

- Laoun:  L0 G1 T0 C0 P1 S0 (2/30)