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Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 12:50 PM
Subject: Legratec

> Those YKYACI's are quite amusing. But I was appalled to discovered I
> didn't know this term "LEGRATEC," so I Googled about and discovered
> its coolness. :)
> Joining the old
> (
> list of people's Legratec ratings, here are mine:
> - Sarenshille:  L1 G1 T0 C0 P1 S1 (4/30)
>  - Asha'ille: L3 G3 T2 C4 P4 S4 (20/30)
>  - Gharchove:  L1 G1 T0 C2 P1 S0 (5/30)
> - Dehalaizen:  L0 G0 T0 C1 P4 S0 (5/30)
> - Laoun:  L0 G1 T0 C0 P1 S0 (2/30)
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> AA

Arthaey, what do your P and S stand for?  These categories weren't included
in the post that I saw, only the first four: Lexicon, Grammar, Texts, and
Conculture.  Teonaht:  L4 (but I have a very high standard of lexicon use: I
want to be able to approach the fecundity of expression I find, say, in a
pocketbook dictionary of Welsh.  So I would have to drop that score to L3),
G5 (except that I find myself still tweaking the grammar: I've changed the
use of vo- before a verb to mean the "conversive" just a few days ago, so I
would have to drop that score to G4), T4 (but then again, my standards for
textual representation of Teonaht have to be judged against, say, Klingon's
translation of Hamlet and the Bible.  I have a fair number of poems and
texts I've written in Teonaht, and a fair number of translations, but
nothing so voluminous as the Klingon achievement: so again, the score must
be dropped to T3).  C4: since there is ALWAYS something you can add to
Teonaht history, culture, architecture, city planning, government, military
expeditions, heroic literature, mythos, etc.

In fact, I don't think you can count anything a 5 unless you have decided
deliberately that you don't want to add anything more to it.  The way I see
it, conlang construction in all its aspects is as infinite as imagination.
It's like making a map of a little world.  The harder you look at it the
more you fill in.  The more categories I think I make, the more
subcategories I find need refining.  Take "window" for instance.  What about
the sash? casement? shutters? curtains? blinds? screens? round window?
square window? tiny window set up high?  door window? bay window?  poorman's
window? paper window?  pull for the curtains or blinds?  ledge? frame?
weights? panes? nails? the hammers that nail? stained glass? type of glass?
leaded glass? soldering instrument?  upper or lower storey? window makers?
window merchants? metaphorical uses of "window"?  And on and on.  And the
time it takes to make all this up and put it in your glossary with cross
references to other glossaries.  (Which is why the Taxonomy is so
unfinished; I already have words for many of the ones I've left blank; it's
just the sheer labor of plugging them in and cross-referencing them.  I have
other things I want and need to do.)  So Teonaht is infinitely unfinished
for me, which is why it's so hard for me to start another conlang project.
Menarilihs, a dialect of Teonaht: L1, G2, T0, C3.  Nenddeyly, a reputed
source for some Teonaht words L3, G0, T0, C0.  Rrordaly, an enemy nation:
L0, G0, T0, C4.  An invented language, adopted by the "mimes" (artificial
servants) on Rrordaly: L1, G1, T0, C4.