Mike Ellis wrote:
> After way, way too long, I've finally gotten around to putting up my
> website for the Rhean language. There's a few sections still under
> construction, but most of it is there.
> It's at
Very nice, very nice.  I like your use of HM's Thyromanes font, but am
wondering, why didn't you take advantage of its IPA portion, rather than
using X-Sampa in your phonology table and elsewhere?

The names of the letters are clearly influenced by Arabic/Hebrew, but I
don't detect any other influence from those languages (of course, I don't
know more than 2 words of either one.)

Minor question: if some roots have double consonants (but pronounced as
single) why are they written that way? Historical?

Minor carp: I would like to have seen a little explanation of phonotactics--
permissible syllable/word forms, permissible clusters etc. It does appear to
be rather free.........

No need to be uptight about the irregular accent. Lots of langs. have
irregular stress placement; and Basque IIRC is said to have no real stress
at all.