Hi all,

I just finished reading a paperback by John McWhorter called The Power of
Babel. In it, he writes about the sheer variety & diversity of language while
discussing dialects, language change, dialects, areal linguistics, dialects,
pidgins, creoles, semi-creoles, dialects, social distinctions, formality
distinctions, written vs oral distinctions, and more about dialects. I liked
it a lot.

In reading this, my occasional stray thought that Kélen is actually a creole
language between human (probably English, or something Western-European) and
Terjemar-an (the planet) has solidified into fact. So, I can now begin with
figuring out Kélen's antecedents. I'm fairly sure Terjemaran has tones, too.
In a couple of years, when I have something solid enough to present <grin>,
I'll let you know what it looks like.

Sylvia Sotomayor
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