--- Sally Caves skrzypszy:

> Yann, you do know that there is whole listserv devoted to Relays,
> set up by Irina Rempt?  [log in to unmask]  Perhaps somebody else
> can give the subscription information, because I've forgotten it.

But of course! ;)
Visit <> and see for

> If what you want is a small one, we could do it here.  But the list

> was created to avoid cluttering up the CONLANG list with our
> comments about it.

Yeah, I agree. Besides, most people who are interested in
participating are subscribed to the Relay list. It's the right place.

> As for the rules of the Relay, Charlie, I posted them here:

... a page I brutally stole from when I wrote my own Relay pages
(see: <> under "Introduction" and


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