Ray Brown ha tera a:

> John Cowan wrote:
> > Ray Brown scripsit:
> > > again /@'gejn/ or /@'gEn/ (so also with _against_)
> > > ate /ejt/ or /Et/

> > I have only /@gEn(st)/ and /ejt/.  /@gejn(st)/ seems British to me,

> It may well be - and not all Britishers use it, but it is common.

I (Canadian) can say either /@'gejn(st)/ or /@'gEn(st)/, I think, but
I'd be more likely to use /E/.  Last year I did a linguistics study
that used the frame sentence "say X again", and I noticed that at least
one of my (Canadian) subjects switched between /ej/ and /E/ in "again".
 In fact, they realised they were doing so, and actually thought that
might be the purpose of the study!  (It wasn't.  It was about Canadian