--- "Thomas R. Wier" <[log in to unmask]> skrev:
> ..applicatives *increase* the valency, not decrease
> them. PPs are (generally) adjuncts; your own example
> above is an example of this.

Oopsie. Of course, applicatives increase valency. What
was I thinking? I think I get it now--complements,
like /mara-je/, are not counted in valency operations,
but when I promote it to patient, the total valency of
the sentence increases by one.

/mara-je a-t kias-sai/ I/you.ACT step.PER
valency = 1

/mara-s'a a-t e-kias-sa-i/
boat.PAT I/you.ACT at.step.PER
valency = 2