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> Those YKYACI's are quite amusing. But I was appalled to discovered
> I didn't know this term "LEGRATEC," so I Googled about and
> discovered its coolness. :)

Indeed. One flaw of the system is that it doesn't work in absolute
terms, though. If I understand it correctly, an abandoned conlang
that it as complete as it will ever be would rate 5 on every scale,
while a well-developed conlang still in evolution would rate less.
Even if the former has only 50 words and the latter 5000.
And then the script. Should I rate it 5 if I use a pre-existing
script (like Latin or Cyrillic script)?

Anyway, let's try:

Wenedyk has almost 3000 words, but it is still growing. At present,
however, I can translate most texts without having to create new
words in every sentence. I'd rate it somewhere between 3 and 4.
Texts: lots of translations, but very little original material.
Conculture: quite a lot already, but still a lot to do.


Wenedyk: L4, G4, T3, C3, P5, S5 = 23/30
Slezan:  L2, G3, T1, C2, P4, S5 = 17/30
Hattic:  L3, G4, T2, C2, P3, S3 = 17/30
Askaic:  L3, G4, T2, C1, P2, S2 = 14/30
Vozgian: L1, G3, T1, C1, P3, S4 = 13/30
Megza:   L1, G2, T0, C1, P1, S1 =  6/30

- I must add that all this is very subjective, though. The fives for
phonology and script in Wenedyk and Slezan were earned a bit too
- Three of these languages are part if Ill Bethisad, a highly
elaborated but far from complete conculture. I've given a rate to the
state of development of the particular region, not of the whole.

> Joining the old
> list of people's Legratec ratings, here are mine:
> - Sarenshille:  L1 G1 T0 C0 P1 S1 (4/30)
>   - Asha'ille: L3 G3 T2 C4 P4 S4 (20/30)
>   - Gharchove:  L1 G1 T0 C2 P1 S0 (5/30)
> - Dehalaizen:  L0 G0 T0 C1 P4 S0 (5/30)
> - Laoun:  L0 G1 T0 C0 P1 S0 (2/30)
> --
> AA

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