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>> (1)		It took ten-minutes for the damn things to die
>> 				and I’m like, “Can I put on the lid?”
>> 				And she’s like, “No, it ruins it.”
>> 				and I was like, “This is horrifying.”

> WAAAH!  I hate this! :-)

> In Germany, the same habit exists for young people and it drives me
> crazy that they cannot talk normally.  In German it goes:

>     und ich so:  ,...'
>     dann sie so: ,...'
>     ich so: ,...'
>     ...

Believe it or not, this crap is international! Russian forms:

   i ya takoy: „...“
   i on, tipa: „...“
   i ona takay govorit: „...“

Perhaps, we need to create a society that will eliminate the "like"
word in the languages worldwide.

  Alexander Savenkov                  
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